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A200 Resizable BAR Support

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Hi Corsair,


I'm looking to get resizable bar enabled on my Corsair A200 system. Typical steps are update motherboard BIOS and update GPU BIOS.



I looked at the ASRock website for the B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ax BIOS and saw that the latest BIOS version is currently Version 2.10 Released 2021/4/29



Corsair Diagnostics shows motherboard BIOS at C1.28



Does Corsair create custom motherboards BIOS?

How do I update motherboard BIOS?

Is Resizable Bar even possible on this system?







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Check here for BIOS updates - Corsair's BIOS are custom for some reason so you have to get the BIOS from them. Not sure if they've updated BIOS for these systems yet but you can find yours here:



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Check out this Thread where I asked Corsair for the same thing in regards to my a100.


TLDR; Corsair uses custom variants of the motherboards they put in these systems. The retail version of the motherboard in my machine had 8 BIOS updates related to performance, stability, and compatibility. They do not issue BIOS updates unless there is a security vulnerability or a known issue.


If you are in the return window for your purchase, do so now. You overpaid for a machine, and Corsair has seriously nerfed it's performance. Not only do you not have resizable bar, but a Corsair employee has also confirmed that these machines have HDMI 2.0 / DisplayPort 1.2 extensions internally. You may have even more issues if you try and drive a high resolution monitor at high refresh rates.

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Thank you R3dBaron I did not realize that Corsair posts their BIOS updates like a keyboard or mouse driver on their product pages. I can now report rebar is enabled.




Instructions to get it working

  1. Download BIOS from Corsair One product page
  2. Put Bios on root of flash drive
  3. Boot into BIOS
  4. Disabled AMD setting to allow instant flash to become enabled rebooted back into bios
  5. Ran instant flash and selected the BIOS. Waited. Updated! Rebooted
  6. Download graphics card BIOS from Corsair One product page I have ASUS I found this out through CPU-Z
  7. Ran Graphics card BIOS Update
  8. Rebooted into BIOS
  9. Enabled Rebar
  10. Rebooted into windows
  11. Took success screenshot and thank R3dBaron


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