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voltage issue when load increased?

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I've never had this sort of an issue before so I'm going a little nuts trying to debug it.


I did two upgrades to a PC that I own:

Swapped a 1080 for a 3060

Swapped an old 450w PSU for the Corsair RM750


The problem I noticed is that as the load on my PC increases, I eventually lose power to some of my USB devices.


It makes little sense to me as this PSU is rated much higher than my old one and also why I'm losing power to my usb devices instead of my GPU or CPU.


Does anyone have tips as to how I can debug this issue? Did I somehow use the wrong cable somewhere?

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What are your specs - MB, CPU? If AMD, USB 2.0 stability is a disaster up to and including the latest AGESA (


Some of my USB 2.0-connected devices (e.g. let's say 2 out of 6 fans connected to Commander Pro) or keyboard fail to initialise on start-up, under full load they (e.g. my keyboard ;-) intermittently disconnect etc. At least USB 3.x seems stable for me. Not sure whom to blame at this point - I thought it was AMD, but it could be PSU related (AX1200i here, don't have another PSU to test with).

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