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XMP not working on 3200 Dominator Platinum RGB

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Just noticed these are not on the AMD optimised list. They certainly overclock with no problem, had them at 3800mhz before decoupling 1:1. My issue is the timings, please help because leaving the motherboard to auto set the timings is leaving performse on the table. 20 25 25 25,certaunly isn't great. Managed to get a latency score of 7.2ns and a read result above 5200mbs @3600mhz though. If someone can help me manually set the timings and matching dram voltage to get me lower than Cs 20 I'd be very happy.


If someone can suggest how to get it running at rated xmp 3200mhz 1618 18 18 54 this would be perfect.

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