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Corsair i164 - Delid 9900k / repaste / maglev / undervolt?

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Hi guys just waiting for my i164 to arrive and I'm always one for making things run as efficiently as possible.


Had a quick look around but I can't see much on the below so wondering if you maybe able to assist please.


Delidding the 9900k and re pasting LM between IHS - is it worth it on the one?


Maglev fan - 2000 rpm 140mm ordered.


Finally a repaste - are these generally pasted good? Coming from 13 years of alienware systems they were all pasted crappy and with poor TIM. I would be using thermal grizzly or Phobya Nanogrease extreme.


Undervolting - worth it?


Did the above help with the temps much?

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IIRC the 9900k has a soldered IHS, so there is no need to de-lid it. You will only hurt performance / potentially break your CPU.


The paste job they did on my a100 was absolute garbage. When I took the cooler off I could read most of the text on the CPU. they are probably using their own thermal compound, which is also not great. Re-paste it with something good, it is worth it.


As far as undervolting, anything you can do to reduce heat generation will be good with this system. The AIO for the CPU is on way too small IMO... it gets the job done but don't expect to be able to 'remove all limits' on the CPU.

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