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ICUE CpuIdRemote Issue with Ryzen Master software

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I've been struggling for a while now with ICUE not detecting my ram properly.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it freezes, resulting in the red triangle appearing and all lightning effects stopping.


I now have a consistent way of reproducing this issue, which might mean this bug can be fixed in an update.

Every time I open Ryzen Master, the AMD tool to tweak CPU speeds etc., the lights on my ram modules freeze.

This problem cannot be fixed by "restarting ICUE services", which is an option within ICUE.

But it is fixed by stopping the "Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote" service in task manager and then restarting ICUE.

I think it is interference with ICUE and Ryzen Master trying to identify the ram.

I also have some more problems with my ram identification, as Speccy does not recognize it.


I used to work around this problem by setting my ram to "hardware only", but this option has been removed in the newest ICUE versions.

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