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9qls and h150 elite cappelix and strummer plus cables


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Hi guys …please help

So I have 9 ql fans and a h150 elite capplelix aio and strimmer plus cables,

Note my case is the lian li o11 dynamic,

So i want to put 3 ql s on the aio and 3 qls on sides and 3 qls down

Plus I purchased a cable for the strimmer plus cables to convert from USB port to led port to be able to control the strimmer plus cables from the icue software

So should I purchase a commander pro, and how should I make the connection.

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  • Corsair Employees

If you get a pack of these, you can fit all the PWM cables onto the commander core:




Unless your motherboard has enough internal USB headers for all the parts, you will probably need an internal USB 2.0 hub as well (can be found on amazon).


Did you buy any of the QL fans as 3-packs? In that case, they will come with a lighting controller you can connect directly to an available USB 2.0 internal header.

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