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Problem with dual channel for modules VS512MB400 on Asus MB ?


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(Sorry I'm reposting it because I think it was in the wrong section)


I've bought 2 modules of VS512MB400 because on your site I've found that it works with my future Motherboard Asus A8N-E (same as A8N-SLI but without SLI). In the user manual of both these Asus MB this Ram modules are in the DDR400 qualified vendor list but with DIMM support for only one module in single channel or 4 modules in dual channels (2Gig)!!! but not 2 modules in Dual Channel that is possible with a lot of other brands (as Samsung) double Sided modules !!! (seems non sense)


May I use my 2 modules ? Will it works ? In wich way will the performances be affected ? Why 4 modules but non 2 in dual ? (error from Asus ?). If it is not recommanded I will give back the modules to my retailer because I can't afford 4.


Many thanks in advance for your help Ramguy.


Best regards

(if you need to see what I mean you can find the user manual downloadable on asus.com site: http://www.asus.com/support/downloa...n-e.pdf~zaqwedc )

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