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Corsair 680x 1 fan RGB won't turn on

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Hey Guys,


Got my dad a new PC case, had it all setup, the 3 fans that came with the case have RGB. I put 2 at the top (120mm) and 1 of them at the back.


They were working fine, he downloaded iCue software (also has Gigabyte Motherboard software for fan speed & RGB which sucks). When I left him, all 3 fans mentioned were turned on and just cycling through standard rainbow. Next day the back rear fan RGB is off (Fan itself is still spinning).


I've gone through the software to try turn that fan back on but can't, I changed the fan from slot#3 to slot#4 thinking it would reset it back to rainbow but no avail. I've uninstalled and reinstalled iCue also not working.


Any ideas on how to turn this fan RGB back on?


I also have 3 Lian Li fans connected to the Motherboard which are default red and cannot be controlled via iCue, gonna switch them out for Corsair fans for convenience... unless there is a way for me to control them via iCue software?


I suck at RGB's, seems overly complicated to me!!!! Any help is appreciated.

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