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Black dust throughout loop after 3 months

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Hi all,


I built two PCs with hydro X kits in March/April.


I've noticed that I'm getting black dust throughout both loops. In one loop it's all corsair parts/blocks (CPU/GPU/Rads/Pump/Fittings) the other it's got a EK CE Rad and a Gigabyte GPU/block.


Does anyone know what could be causing the black dust in both loops? I figure it is a Corsair part since it's in both but I can't find anything obvious when I stripped the parts and visually inspected them.


I've noticed that some of the paint was chipped on the inside of the Corsair 90 degree fittings but it doesn't seem like it could have caused all of this - and existed when I first bought them.


I also noticed there were different colours in my radiator (bronze at the head, silver deeper in) but I don't know if that means anything.


For reference I flushed all components with distilled water prior to installing (20 litres)

-Ran the systems for 24 hours initially at high pump settings and then flushed

-Re-flushed the systems a week later

-Flushed the systems three months later (photo of pump is after 3 month flush)


Any help would be appreciated! (Photos attached).








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Out of curiosity what coolant do you use?


The big black bits looks like typical flux residue from the rads, even with flushing there'll always be some coming off the first months.


The clearer dust though ,no idea what that is.

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Just what came in the pack Corsair XL5 Performance Coolant.


Yeah I was surprised how dirty they would be, when I was flushing them separately, 24 hour post and week post they didn't show any of this.


Now after the 3 month flush I'm still getting residue (can see it accumulating again).

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