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Most stable latest version of icue?

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Hello long time lurker first time posting, i have an issue i am on icue 3.38.61 because its the most recent stable version i can find, where my lighting and settings worked on all my devices. my gear is an iron claw, k70lux and a k65 which I game with, and void pro headset. i love all the gear but id like to use the mouse wirelessly and i cant.


The issue is with the iron claw itself with this firmware version i cant use the mouse wireless in call of duty mw or warzone, it hiccups and doesnt register left clicks correctly and movement intermittently no matter what protocol i use bt or 2.4ghz. This issue doesn't happen at all when connected wired. Im wondering if someone could point me to a stable version preferably icue 3 because i hated icue 4 and the mouse still didnt work well with it. the only thing i can think of is my router is about 5 feet away from my computer so maybe there's some signal overlap or something because when i turn the wifi radios off it seems to work better using it now as we speak.


ive done all the troubleshooting i can reset the mouse reinstall after removing erasing app data program data even a clean reinstall of windows 10. Any help would be appreciated

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