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need help on install of h100i

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Hi all. Sorry if this sounds stupid but I am struggling to get this installed.. this is an icue h100i cooler. CW-9060043 and here is the thing. I finally got it installed on my motherboard. Rog strix X370-f gaming board.. but the cooler has 4 cables coming out of it. One that would hook to a fan plug on the board.. then one is for a sata power connector.. I am good on both of those. But then there are 2 more connectors saying they need to be connected to USB 2 headers.. this plugs are male and need to plug into a female connector on my board. So what am I supposed to do if I dont have those connectors. I find it hard to bevlie my board which is only a couple years old. Cant accommodate this. I have no female connections on my board .. so how do I resolve this?? there are 2 connectors.. one has a number 1 on the outside the other nothing. Anyone have any ideas?? thanks in advance..
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The USB connection goes from the mini-plug on the left side of the XT to an internal USB 2.0 port. These are normally at the bottom of your motherboard.


The other two 4 pin "male" connectors are your fan connectors. The XT has an internal fan controller.

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