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move to 4.x or stick to 3.x? any benefits?


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Hi Guys,


My 2 teenagers have been running older 3.x iCUE on my kids PC (built them in Jan).



- MSI Tomahawk x570 mobo (since msi mystic is not supported it will be turned off in BIOS)

- AMD 5900x CPU

- Asus Tuf 3080

- h100i Platinum SE AIO with 2 LL120 fans

- 32gb 4x8GB Dominator Platinum RGB RAM

- 3 x LL120 case fans which came with fan hub / lightning node pro. Controlled them from mobo's fan Pmw connectors via BIOS (to avoid MSI's bloatware installation)


I'm planning on updating their rigs, with latest BIOS, drivers...etc....

Should I touch working 3.x iCUE or is it safe to move to 4.x?


Thanks in advance :P

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There are no inherent issues with CUE 4 and the hardware you have, or at least none that do not exist in CUE 3. However, some of the stronger points of CUE 4 involve more complex keyboard actions (something not in play here) while the lighting functionality for the LL fans, AIO, and RAM have not changed.


It's also worth noting that the lighting creation process is quite different in appearance CUE 4 (mechanics still the same). So if your kids like to play around and create a lot of lighting patterns, they will need to adjust. On the other hand, with teenagers what seems completely backward to us may be immediately intuitive to them. CUE 4 will not overwrite CUE 3 when you install it and it now has an adjacent location in the App Data/Roaming folder. You can try it out on one machine to get user feedback before committing both. Then uninstall without needing to rework the entire CUE 3 data profile base.

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