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Corsair Sabre RGB PRO - HW lighting does not affect


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I just bought a sabre pro rgb for replace my old harpoon rgb.

I make new uninstall with clean profile and manual delete all files for old icue 3.x (after uninstall).

I install the newest icu.

My keyborad Corsair Strafe RGB Mechanical Cherry MX work perfect.

All changes work with and without icu running.


But i have problem with my new mouse.

I set hardware lighting to custom static color.

When icu is running all work perfect.

But when i close it, or when my pc restart, the mouse profile reset to default preset watercolor.



I change the hardware dpi mode, dpi and color, and work perfect.

I try to change to other preset on hw lighting but i have the same result + the static color on custom reset to default white.

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