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Remembering which profile is active.

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I use several profiles in each game that I play.


When I'm using a particular profile while I'm playing a game on my main screen and change focus to something on a second monitor then change focus back to the game iCUE does not remember which profile I had active. It always uses the first profile in the list.


I've tried deleting the treefolder file and deleting and importing the profiles again. I've tried deleting and completely remaking the profiles. iCUE still goes back to the first profile in the list.


This has been happening for quite some time now and I'm not the first to post about it. Is there any chance it might actually get fixed?


Although .. I'm still waiting for a fix to iCUE just outright crashing whenever I change focus between monitors.


Or even a reply to the threads asking about wtf happened to timers and macro stop settings in iCUE 4.

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And I've just spent over an hour trying to set up hotkeys for profile switching between profiles in a folder.


I'm lucky if I can go for more than a minute without iCUE 4 crashing.


wtf are you doing with this software?

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