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iCUE and 11 fans

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I have 11 case fans,, all Corsair LL 120 and 140 series fans including two fans that are on either side of my CPU cooler. 6 of the fans are plugged into 1 RGB hub and 5 are plugged into a second RGB hub. The RGB Hubs are plugged into a commander pro, each RGB hub and the commander pro are powered through their sata connector. The commander pro is connected to my USB header as required. 10 of the fans are powered from the commander pro via "Y" cables, the 11th fan is into port 6 on the commander pro all by itself. The fan power does not do anything for the lighting side of the fans whatsoever as they draw their light power from the RGB hub


What I am trying to do is to use the iCue software to light all 11 fans sequentially, so fan 1 lights up first and then they all light up sequentially, then start all over again. Right now what happens is the first 6 from RGB hub 1 light first and at the same time the 5 fans plugged in the 2 RGB hub start at the same time, so it is 6 & 5 fan sequence not an all 11 fan sequence. I am using the Sequential light layer in the iCue software to accomplish this but given that there are two channels connected to the commander pro the software starts the programming at the same time...I want it start RGB hub 1 for 6 fans and then start RGB2 for the remaining 5 an then once those last 5 fans light start again...


Any ideas on how to achieve this?

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The only easy way is to use the Lighting Link effects at the very bottom of the list. Visor and Color Wave are the only two sequential effects. Most of the others are relatively simple in complexity, as required to make them work on all devices regardless of LED count or geometry.


Aside from that, if you want it do 1-11 you have to program it yourself. All RGB channels or controllers are independent groups and there is no method to re-arrange their order. This is not particularly easy and requires precise timing of two waves or effects. The second channel needs a flat or dark pause until the first controller completes it wave. Then the first controller needs a similar pause while the second completes. It will take some practice to get the timing right, with LED count x LED speed.

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