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2CA bios update is terrible

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I bought a i7200 back last fall, and has been great without any issues.


Like a dummy I decided to update my bios to the latest 2CA version available. That was a terrible mistake.


I have a K70 keyboard, and now when the computer boots, the keyboard won't work until windows is loaded. So now I cannot get into the bios or the load options at POST. I can get in if I do the holding SHIFT while restarting in windows trick, but that is the only way.


Plus now, when the computer is powered off, the keyboard and mouse will suddenly light up out of nowhere. I went into the bios and turned off USB standby power, and that at least stops them from lighting up when the PC is powered off.


But this BIOS issue is terrible. I am trying to reinstall Windows off of a USB stick, but I can't because I can't hit F11 when the machines posts. If I have the USB stick in and do the shift restart in windows, I just get a black screen and it doesn't give me the F11 or DEL options and I have to reset the PC to get back into windows.


Is there a way to downgrade the BIOS? I would like the one that the machine came with that worked fine.


Any ideas on how I might fix this situation?




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Well I put in a ticket to see if I can get the old BIOS files to downgrade my bios.


I am curious though, has anyone else that upgraded their bios to 2CA, can you get into the bios or boot menu when your system POSTS?


Hitting DEL or F11 doesn't work for me. I really need to reinstall windows, but I can't get into the boot menu to choose the USB stick. I even bought a cheap PS2 keyboard to try since I saw some people mention that trick, but that didn't work either.


I am hoping they will give me the old BIOS files. I was also thinking, if there actually wasn't a hardware change to this motherboard by Corsair, and all it is, is a custom bios. Shouldn't there be a way to force flash the actual MSI bios?

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