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I am preparing to setup hardware for custom liquid cooling. I didn't opt for a kit & now I have all parts needed from different manufacturers. The only Corsair component I have is the ZD5 RGB pump reservoir.


I read somewhere online that the controller & it's software will only work with Corsair hardware. Is this partly or completely true? Is it just a marketing stance?


Your relplies will determine if or not I should purchase the Corsair Commander Pro controller.


Thanks for your help.

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that's true, but you can use cable adapters to connect 3rd party components https://www.ebay.com/str/piratedogtech . It's an unofficial workaround. But iCUE is only setup for corsair hardware, meaning you can't select how many LEDs are attached to an RGB channel.

So you'll have to set it up by selecting corsair components that have an identical or close LED count. Like, if one of your waterblocks has 9 LEDs, you could declare it as a Corsair strip that has 10 and it would work.


Same for fans, Corsair fans work like strips, daisy chained, so you can't use a corsair fan LED hub attached to the CoPro to connect normal ARGB fans. you'll have to use a RGB splitter cable with an adapter for Corsair RGB plug, and connect that to one of the outputs of the Copro, then set it the same way, by closest LED count.


apart from that, temp sensors, PWM, everything is standard and will work.


For just a pump, (that ships with a standard ARGB adapter on top of that), i wouldn't bother with iCUE tbh. it's a closed ecosystem to which only one of your components belong. It will be more work (and investments in adapters, splitters) than going with an open solution like Aquacomputer for example, that will take all of your components out of the box.

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