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1000D MoBo Installation Difficulty

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Hi there,


Currently installing a MoBo onto my new Corsair 1000D. I read the forum rules and wasn’t sure if I was allowed to mention the MoBo make and model as it is non-Corsair … trying to be respectful of the forum norms and such, but I can add that in if it’s permissible and it helps; it’s an eATX MoBo. I did my best to utilize the forum search engine prior to posting, but was unable to find an answer(s).


From what I searched, the standoffs necessary for attaching an eATX board are pre-attached to the case. There are 9 holes in the board (one for the positioning peg in the middle). Of the remaining 8 screws, only 5 of the supplied MoBo Screws are actually reaching the threads … I’m not sure what I am doing wrong to be honest. I’ve tried re-seating the board, I’ve tried gentle repositioning. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.


Note: the long, supplied fan screws will thread instantly into the three screw holes that the MoBo screws won’t tap into (bottom right, bottom middle, and right middle)

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I just ran into the same problem. 5 motherboard screws came with the case, but I need 8. I'm going to try to do some more research to see if I'm missing something. I'm hoping not to salvage my old computer because it's still operational. Please let me know if you found anything out.
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Hopefully this helps, the pre-installed stand offs for the other Motherboard sizes were stopping me from being able to screw in the screws on the right side of the Motherboard. I just removed the 3 standoffs that were causing problems and the problems went away.
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