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Potential idiot question on remapping mouse buttons

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I'm running iCUE 4.12.214 on Windows 10 20H2.


Please see the attached screenshot.


I'm simply trying to map the "Back" mouse button to Alt+Tab, and the "Middle Click" button to "Left Double Click". But neither is working--nothing at all happens when these mouse buttons are pressed.


What am I doing wrong here?


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The left double click assigned to middle mouse button should work. I just set this up on a Iron Claw Wireless and it was consistent. However, you will not be able to assign mouse back (or anything else) to a combination of keyboard keys. You are limited to single key triggers only within the CUE system.


If the middle mouse/double click is still not working, go to Windows Settings -> Apps and click on Corsair iCUE. Select Modify and run a repair install. This often cleans up weird mouse behavior, especially when core mouse buttons are not performing.

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I had only just installed iCUE--cleanly--it installed successfully, and I'm not inclined to repair the install.


So the middle button double click should work... But it doesn't. I don't have other software interfering.


I had used a macro to assign Alt+Tab to the back button (not the reverse). It would be bizarre if iCUE let me do this, but it's not allowed or is otherwise unworkable. Screenshot attached.


I'm at a loss as to what this software is good for.


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The Alt+Tab macro works to some extent but there is an issue in the logic of how you set it up because once its is pressed Windows itself will think that you are continuing to hold down the LALT key, meaning until you press the LALT button on your keyboard it won't release the key. This can and does have negative effects on other things like using your ALT+TAB macro and then trying to double-click and open an app on your desktop will actually open the shortcut properties instead.


As for the Middle-Click being bound to LeftButton-Double Click it does work without an issue on my system with the exception of if I tested it after using the very same ALT-TAB macro you made, as you will see the behavior I explained previously. If they aren't work in any capacity at all then as c-attack stated you should attempt a repair of the iCUE software. If they still are not working contact our support team by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com

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