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Commander core fan interface info

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Good day all.


I hope this is the right forum for this discussion, if not please move as appropriate.


Background: I have a seemingly random issue on my commander core where it stops recognizing/detecting fans connected to its ports, usually after a restart (PC or iCue) or cold startup. The issue does not seem to be linked to any particular port or fan as it has occurred on all the fan ports.

I have tried all of the advice online to remedy this but none provided a permanent solution.


So now I am looking to further debug on the hardware level.


I am looking to find info regarding how the commander core interfaces with the fans plugged into it. Specifically how does it go about detecting whether a fan is present on a connector or not. I can see this happening in one of two ways:

1: It measures current (power) on the 12V power line or,

2: It looks for a response on the RPM pin

It could also be a combination of both.


I would also be interesting in finding out what the particular required thresholds are for either or both of the test for it to decide whether a fan in present or not.


Lastly I would like to find out if there is a way bypass this automatic detection and manually set which ports its should drive and which it shouldn't and to set the profile applied to said ports.



Thank you for reading.

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Hi Sankekur,


Do you happen to have any other software that measures temps and fan speeds open? That particular behaviour will especially happen if HWinfo is open.


Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. The only other software running that would be monitoring things was the AMD Radeon software. Apart from that the only other software running Steam and GOG galaxy.


The last time this problem occurred it happened right after changing the color scheme of my pc's RGB, of which 80% is done through iCue. After the change I shut down iCue to make sure if all the hardware lighting setting where done correctly. After starting it up again Fan #1 was no longer detected.

Restarted the PC, this is one of the things that had worked in the past but mostly doesn't, but I try it as it is quick. Made no change, so shutdown and did a cold boot, after startup, Fan #2 was also not detected.

So I checked for updates of the iQue software, as everything I have had this in the past (that wasn't solved by a restart) there was a new version available, and the update sorted it out. This time there was none so this wasn't and option.


So read up on this forum again to see if I could find any additional info, something that I had missed in the passed.


One solution was the combination of a under sensitive port with a dodgy (underperforming) fan, with the solution being to swop fans and ports around. This seems unlikely as I have had this issue on all 6 ports, due to this it also seems unlikely that it is one bad port or fan.


Another possibility is a bad connection, but this also seems highly unlikely as a bad connection won't be solved by a software update. Apart from this the connectors used for fans are really robust and connection issues usually come from either cycle life or corrosion. Neither is at play here.


These two reasons are why I am interested in the interface spec, as the next time it happens I can measure on the fan pins and try and get a better idea of where the issue is. This should help me with the another suggested solution which is to RMA the whole cooler. To do this I would need some hard data to show what is faulty. This is needed to the intermittent and random nature of the issue, as most of the time it works fine.


Something else I considered what to just buy a new commander core, but it would seem that they are not sold separately in my country.


The last thing I tried, and this was what sorted me out the last time was to force flash the firmware on the commander core even though it was up to date.


The last thing I will add is that even when some of the fans are not detected the ports still work in hardware mode, as the moment I close iCue all the fans work again. This is my reason for asking if there is a way to manually add fan and to force a PWM curve on the ports as all this hardware seems to work.


Thank you for reading.

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