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K95 Platinum and M1 MBP - iCue crashes


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I have been fighting with this for months now. I opened a ticket with Corsair support on April 11, and it is now June 22.


My K95 Platinum initially wouldn't even get detected in iCue. I eventually tried the simplest connection I could - connecting the keyboard to the mac with a simple USB-C hub, and when I did that, it was finally detected, but iCue would then crash when it tries to load the onboard profiles from the keyboard.


I have reconfigured a few things since the intial contact with support, and now I am connecting through a USB-C dock with DisplayLink (a WavLink product). With this arrangement, I get the same crashes after it starts to load onboard profiles.


Tech support has been abysmal. I usually get an email response about 7 days after I send them any updates, hence the glacial pace of communications.


There have been multiple OS updates since the initial communication but no changes, and the last update to iCue 3 for mac OS was in January. I see mentions of iCue 4, but apparently that was only released by accident and is no longer on the web site.


This is honestly a joke that the M1 mac support is still this bad. I would love to get my hands on that iCue 4 mac version, but it has not been mentioned by any of the support staff thus far. The last communication ( a few minutes ago) was for me to use the Elgato Reporter tool to send system details on my setup. That has been going on for the last 3 weeks. Maybe this time it is finally done.


I love this keyboard, but the software is a disaster for mac.

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Well - I really can't believe I am the only person with this issue, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I emailed them on June 22nd with the Elgato reporter tool.


I got a response on July 7:

"I apologize for the delay. I have updated the specialist with the files and wait for his response."


Three days later, I got this message:

"We can send the following email after 3 days, and the standard Solved ticket email after 5 days."


Of course I replied asking that they please DON'T close the ticket, and my problem is unresolved 3 months later.

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