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AX1200i random restart

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So I received an ax1200i in Jan 2020 as a gift, and had to RMA it because it was randomly shutting down/restarting. The new unit worked fine for a few months and is now doing the same thing, but Corsair is refusing to RMA again because I did not have the original receipt (see above - it was a gift) for the first RMA.


Hoping anyone has maybe found a fix for this issue - I had some custom cables made for ~$130 that are now useless because they aren't compatible with very many other PSUs. Pretty lame, all in it's over $400 on a piece of equipment that is supposed to have a lengthy warranty that I can's use after a year and a half.


I am positive it is the PSU - several other PSUs work fine in the machine. My system specs are a 9900k on a gigabyte z390 aorus master board, 4x16gb 3200mhz corsair vengeance ram, 3080 founder's edition, several m.2 SSDs and a single 2.5" SSD, 4TB external HDD, all watercooled (loop not AIO).


It passes the self-test and does not exhibit any operational issues until it decides to turn itself off and on again - it does seem to happy after using the PC for a bit (so maybe heat related?) but also happens sometimes after a cold boot. The link module shows the PSU in iCUE just fine, wattage readings, etc all align with HWinfo so no weird software/hardware issues that I can see. iCUE is fully updated, PSU is set to single rail, and using 2 distinct cables for both CPU socket power and GPU power.


I really hope I can get this thing working again - this whole issue has really soured me on Corsair products.

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