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Is there any way to get ICUE to control a really long reel of LED strips?


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I've done several different projects like making my own versions of the LT100 towers and adding LED to lava lamps. [ame]

[/ame] All ICUE controlled.


Now I want to see if I can mange to control a really long reel of LED with ICUE to put in corner channels similar to what I used for the towers around my room. I remember coming across a thread on reddit a while back and a user talked about something like a data repeater? I can't remember exactly and stupidly didn't save the thread, but he had an actual diagram. But now I can't find it and I'm having trouble finding something that would work. IDK about LED outside of ICUE. lol I just learned how to solder doing these projects so I'm still a newb. What I need for power I can figure out. I just can't figure out how to get the data down the line of that many LED. Does anyone know something that could help with that?

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