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AX1200i in which sockets I can plug GPU card?

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6+2 are the PCIE cables for the videocard. 4+4 are the EPS12V cables for the CPU.

that's on the component side.

On the PSU side they are identical and will connect to any 8 pin socket of the PSU.


So yea you can connect PCIe and EPS12V cables anywhere on the PSU where they fit basically. The plugs are keyed so you can't plug them wrong.


Same goes for the Molex, SATA etc.. they all plug to the same 6 pin sockets.

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Thank you for clearing that up for me.


I've written a bunch of more stuff but they disappeared!?


The reason I needed to know that is a depressing story.


I have a new build. It's 4-5 days old!


I am having a "GPU is not detected" error. Sometimes with beeps sometimes just GPU error indication light. Not continuously but once every 3-4 reboots. And then finally it boots up. Yesterday it started to freeze followed by the Blue Screen. Now the ironic thing is this very problem is why I end up replacing everything on my computer. Except for the PSU and the case...


I don't think this is caused by the GPU or the Mobo but rather because the PSU is not supplying a constant, sufficient voltage to the GPU. So I was hoping to see if I can work around the problem by using another socket.


When my old system started to freeze constantly, the first thing I replaced was the GPU card. And that proved to be a wrong diagnosis. The CPU and Rams were healthy so I had to replace the 10 years old Mobo and therefore everything that goes with it, except the PSU. I had to spent about $2.700! So, the joke is on me... :)

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So, after a day I fired up the system and as I expected it started without a hitch. Because it was always like that with my previous build too. After a while it use to start like nothing happened...


I installed iCUE 4 and either I don't know how to use it or it just not very useful tool for me. There was no test or report button to apply and I couldn't see PSU fan action. It looked like it was "0" RPM!


The test button doesn't do anything. It just clicks and then clicks again and that's it. No light, no fan action. However after the boot the Green light comes on...


So, I don't even know how to determine the PSU state. I had the same dillema with the previous build. No device showed any error. I took to two different shops they did everything to initiate the freeze but no component never gave up any clue in shops and as soon as I get home it freezes again, and I was never sure what was the problem, who was the guilty device... Except GPU, I replaced that first but it didn't do any good.

So, GPU is acquitted... What a curse... Really...

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Yea a 1660TI should be easy game for this PSU.


whenever it boots, try to launch HWinfo, and open the sensors screen. you should see a big section for the GPU where you can read the various voltages and power draw.

it may not tell the whole tale, but you'll be able to read the voltage coming from the PCIE socket on the motherboard, and the voltage coming from the 8 pin cable from the PSU.



If you have a defective cable you may see low voltages on the GPU 8-pin, and the card may have just enough juice from the motherboard to start up..

If the card is new, it may also be a dud..


Those sensors are not super precise, but they should give an idea. Also have a look at the motherboard voltages.

Specs are nominal voltage +-5% (11.4 - 12.6V for the 12V coming from the PSU, etc..) just to give you an idea, but they should all be pretty close to spot on.


Edit :

You posted while i was typing ^^ It's normal the fan stays at 0 RPM. it only kicks in when needed, which for your hardware should be.. never. It really takes a lot pf power draw to make it heat up and need active cooling.

If you look at my hardware profile, with that, my PSU fan never switches on, even in a summer heatwave. The self test as i understand it only clicks the fan very briefly to check it's not blocked and stops immediately.

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When things are working the specks are awesome across the board...

12 volts almost steady 0.1-0.2 pikes at most. But when it's not working I can't see...

I wish there was such a record of that specific value taken at the moment of the freeze somewhere...


PS. About the safety check, I forgot to mention case exhaust fan is not moving at all during that process also the green or red light doesn't come out either... After the boot, the light is green though...

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