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Hello All!


So I need some help with my very first build! I need help specifically with the fans and hooking up all 10 fans in my case. I have the corsair 5000x case that comes with 3 SP Elite fans. I also have the H150i Capelix Elite that comes 3 QL 120 fans. And 4 additional QL 120 Fans. I have a commander Core and a commander core pro as well. How do I connect all the fans so that the RGB is all properly synced and the fans/fan speeds will all be synced properly? Any help diagrams and illustrations would be most appreciated. I am trying to make it a very clean build so I don't want to use any fan splitters or anything like that.:biggrin:

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  • Corsair Employees

You really have the worst case scenario - 3 different types of fans. But it sounds to me like you have made a mistake since the Elite capellix does not come with QL fans, but ML fans (with 8 LED's) which is good (as you then, at least setup wise, only have 2 different types of fans).


What you can do is:


Put your 3 front fans, and your 3 fans from the H150i (both RGB and PWM cables) into the commander core (the unit that comes with your H150i Elite Capellix cooler). That should use up all 6 channels on that controller.


Then you want to put your PWM cables from the 4 QL fans into the commander PRO (you will also need to put the USB cable from the commander core into the commander PRO).


For the RGB cables on the QL fans, you will need to put these into the RGB hub that comes with the case - you will then connect that RGB hub to the commander PRO as well via USB.


The USB cable from the commander PRO will then go into your motherboard, and all 3 units should be visible from iCUE.

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