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Closing iCue broke MSI RGB control?

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Thanks for reading...I've tried everything I can think of with no results...



P500A case, MSI B550 carbon, various corsair components


I use a combination of iCue and mystic light to set all RGB to a single color (and dim the brightness). With the last major update in early June, every time the computer would return from sleep, everything would revert to "rainbow mode" including the case rgb (through the ARGB motherboard header JRAINBOW 1). At this point, I noticed my motherboard show up in iCue, though it offered me no options to control anything in the tile.


Here's where the issue occurred: in an effort to stop iCue from taking over control every time the computer resumed from sleep, I closed it down from the task bar icon. The moment I closed it, the motherboard ARGB began flashing and all lights on the motherboard itself went out.


Nothing I do in mystic light has any effect. Motherboard lights stay off even though the interface looks like changes are being made. the JRAINBOW1 header continues to flash regardless of any changes I try and make.


I have attempted uninstall/reinstall of both iCue and Dragon Center/MSI Center with no effect. iCue now no longer shows my motherboard tile in the main window at all. So I'm at a loss. The problem occured the moment I closed iCue, so I really doubt it is a coincidence. In my amateur opinion, it seems like something is blocking mystic light from being able to control anything anymore.


I will try to attach a video of what it looks like now

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I can't get the video to post (security token missing error or something) but it looks like a rainbow flashing 6 or so times a second. In case it helps, I will note that the flashing begins immediately upon powering the system on, even after it has been off and unplugged. Whatever happened, the motherboard RGB is now stuck in a permanent state where neither iCue or mystic light can interact with it.
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