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Software disappeared, Updates Hang/Fail.

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I sat on my PC today and noticed that the mouse lagged in a weird way.

The vertical DPI was especially slow.


I opened the iCue and saw it needed updating.

I did that.

Got prompted to restart my computer for it to take effect.

I did that.

Computer restarts.... no iCue anywhere.


So i downloaded it again and installed it.

I see that my M65 and dongle needs an update.

I proceed to try and update each with the appropriate pluging and unpluging of what was needed.

iCue starts "preparing for update" for ever.


I've had it with corsair.

First i buy two mice (three, if you count a gift to friend of mine) all of which the middle click broke within a month, and they all left-double-click on their own.

And now this software related crap....


Anyone with similar issues, and any advice?

Thanks for your time.

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it also will not detect my ironclaw.

it will detect it when i connect the dongle to the usb, but show it as "unavailiable"

and when i connect the actual mouse, it will not detect it at all.


i've had it with this pos company.

all my logitech peripherals still work great after 10 and 20 years, wtf.

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