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H150i PRO XT LGA1200 standoff is broken.

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Hello, I have been using the H150i RGB PRO XT cooler for a few months. Last week I took the pump off to replace the thermal paste, when I put it back I broke one of the standoffs because I tightened it too much. There was no problem so far because it was my own fault. But when I wanted to buy a new standoff, I couldn't find it anywhere. It doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. I live in Turkey, so I first asked where I bought the cooler, and when I learned that they didn't sell the product, I called Corsair Turkey distributor, but they said they didn't sell it either. I sent an e-mail to Corsair global support and they did not respond to my e-mail for a week. I haven't been able to use my computer for 15 days and the only reason is that I can't find a $5-10 screw by Corsair anywhere. Even on their site it seems out of stock. Now my patience has run out and I will write here every day that I am not returned. Even now it's been about 15 days and still no standoffs. I would like to thank Corsair for this beautiful experience.


The standoff I'm looking for is the one for the LGA1200. There are similar ones on Ebay and Amazon, but the dimensions they specify do not match the item I have. Please do not suggest non-original parts, as millimetric differences will cause contact problems with the processor. I bought a 115x type standoff and returned it.

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