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3.38.61 engineered obsolescence?

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I have been using iCUE since 3.38.61 was released. I do not wish to upgrade to version 4.0 yet bc of all the issues I read about it. Today iCUE stopped working. After going through all the regular 20 beginner and intermediate steps listed in these forums, I cannot get 3.38.61 working again.

On a whim, I reset the time in the Windows 10 kernel and it installs fine. Obviously, the question then is: Is 3.38.61 set to fail on purpose for some n amount of people as a timed obsolescence to force people to upgrade to iCUE version 4?

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uhm.. nope, it's a bug on your end :p

It still works fine and has no time bomb built in. Many people still uses older Cue versions or Link that have been EOL for years.


I personally still use iCUE3. It better be working since many people revert to it waiting for iCUE4 to be finished.

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