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Can H115i connect thru an expansion card?


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How well does a H115i RGB Pro XT function assuming I attach the USB to a USB 3.2 Gen 1 internal port on a PCIe expansion card?


Also assume that I have disabled RGB lighting in BIOS and do not have iCUE installed. (I am content to let the BIOS run the fans)


Windows 10, ASUS TUF Gaming B550, ADM 5950.


The internal USB 2.0 ports are giving substandard performance when the mouse and keyboard are connected thru them so I don't trust them to handle cooling.


I have disabled windows ability to turn off USB ports in device manage(USB and human interface) and power settings.


Armory Crate and AI Suite 3 are not installed.


(iCUE and all ASUS software were originally installed but had to be removed as they kept spiking the system)


The system idles at 34C as opposed to 54C with offending software.

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Hi Frank,


Short answer - yes, it should work, but if you do not have iCUE installed there is no reason to connect the USB at all.


You might be overthinking this a bit - the internal USB 2.0 ports are more than capable of handling the cooling of the system (which they actually do not - they just link the cooler to the motherboard so you can see it trough iCUE and send commands to the cooler).


I would recommend setting up the cooler the way it was intended (fans connected to the commander core) - set your preferred settings in iCUE (you can even set your preferred lighting under hardware lighting, which will work even with iCUE shut down). Then simply exit iCUE and disable it from startup so it does not start with windows, or uninstall it completely. The cooler will then operate independently.

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