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I don't know if i am going off topic, but in "cooling" section, i am trying to understand on how to make custom fan curves.... and i have an


ASUS TUF Gaming B450-PRO


And need to know WHERE are located the 3 thermal sensors on the motherboard.... googled on internet but nothing found, except useless linux logs....


Help me please!

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Are there three? Most MBs will have at last one "motherboard" sensor under PCI-E slot 1, along with VRM and Chipset temp monitors. Looking at the Asus product page for your board, it suggests the only two sensors are CPU and one MB sensor under the chipset. It may be this is all the AI Suite software will allow you to use as control variables and thus it is being portrayed in that fashion.


If you are looking for the maximum detail, try using HWiNFO to get more detailed readings. However, you MUST disable the program from reading Corsair internal devices or it and CUE will lock up. On first launch, there will be a small windows with a Settings option. Open it and go to Safety. There is a check box for Asetek/Corsair Link support. Make sure it is unchecked. Then launch. If you start seeing weird values in CUE (12v rail = 3.3v, etc), quit HWiNFO and then restart the Corsair service to break the entanglement.

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