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2 Dead Corsair AX1000s

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I'm waiting on my second replacement AX1000 from Corsair but I was hoping someone here may be able to assit.

Awhile back I noticed that my PC would crash while gaming. I didn't think too much of it but eventually it became more and more unstable. I took it apart and noticed that one of the GPU modular cables melted to the PSU. I installed a new PCI-E GPU cord to a new fresh slot on the PSU. Everything worked fine but I thought it best to contact Corsair for a replacement. They sent me a refurbished unit which I swapped out and have been using for about a month.


Fast forward to a few days ago and I started having crashes. My PC would turn off, but the motherboard and RAM would remain illuminated. To turn the PC back on I would have to flip the rear PSU power button and then I could start my PC again. After a few more crashes now not even that works.


I contacted Corsair again and they are going to send me another refurbished unit. However I'm worried this new one will die again. I always thought these were decent supplies but now two have died on me. I see now where the AX1000 was discontinued so maybe these are just bad PSUs? Any ideas?


9900k at 5.0Ghz (Auto Voltage)

2x 16Gb Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM at 3200Mhz XMP


EVGA Nu Audio Pro Soundcard

13 Corsair LL120 Fans

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You may be right in the fact that the PSU might be bad but the other possibility that you are seriously overlooking is that it is most likely the GPU causing shorts & causing the melting cables. If you check all the forums regarding 30xx series GPU's, you will find thousands of issues world-wide with these cards. So it may NOT be the PSU after all :o)
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if you use cable extensions or PSUs barely powerful enough, you can get meltdowns pretty easily. But meltdown AT the psu connector is pretty unusual.. if that's original corsair cables that is.


a 9900k and a 3090 even overclocked should be a walk in the park for an AX1000.. but, seems the AX series didn't include reliability in the list of what should qualify as high end.. just my impression based on how many people come with issues with these here.

Maybe try to get an exchange with an HX/HXi

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