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Need help please!

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Hi. I currently have 2x ML fans, 4 x LL fans and my Capellix AIO plugged into my Commander core. CC plugged into PSU and Mobo.


I have just ordered the 8 and 24 pin Lian Li Strimer Plus cables and a Commander Pro as well as an ARGB adapter so I can control the cables through ICue.


1) Would this be enough to sync everything up together or would I need more Corsair controllers? I presume the CC and CP are sufficient.


2) Corsair don’t recommend mixing fan types on one controller so should I keep 2 ML fans and the AIO on the Commander core, then on the Commander Pro have my 4 LL fans and the Lian Li Strimer plus cables? Would that work?


Really appreciate any advice on this as I’m a bit of a dummy when it comes to this sort of thing!


Thank you!

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  • Corsair Employees

Each fan might need different controllers depending on which type of fans they are. We generally recommend sticking with one type of fan to avoid this problem.


QL, LL, ML and SP PRO fans cant run on the same controllers.


Fans with 32 LED's - QL, can only be paired with other QL fans


Fans with 16 LED's - LL, can only be paired with other LL fans


Fans with 8 LED's - ML (the ones that comes with your Elite Capellix cooler) and SP Elite can run on the same controller


Fans with 4 LED's - SP PRO and ML RGB (regular ML's that can be bought individually) can run on the same controller


If your LL fans already comes with an RGB hub, you can connect that one into the commander PRO, and just keep your ML fans on your Elite capellix commander core and everything should work.


The PWM cables from the fans can be inserted into any of the controllers, it is just the RGB cables that need specific controllers.

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