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I have recently reinstalled windows 10, and installed the newest version of ICUE, for some reason i keep getting notification stating the following:


"ICUE sensed the Thermal Prove attached to Port#1 on Lighting Node Pro. Are you trying to setup CORSAIR Hydro X Series Custom Cooling?"


First off I am running the H100i Platinum, and when I do click to run the wizard nothing happens and I end up being prompted to run the setup wizard again after some time.


Any help to figure out why this is happening, or maybe I have something configured wrong within ICUE.


Just looking for help




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It’s a bug in CUE 4. It wants to provide some extra presets for the Hydro X pump and fans. It will not impact your current functionality and its like getting a notice for something you don’t have. Just a minor annoyance, but it should only trigger on brand new installs.
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Are you getting each system boot, too? The irony is I do have Hydro X gear and don’t use the presets, so I declined it originally. It does not ask again, even on new updates. This needs to get sorted, especially if it’s happening multiple times per day.
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Yeah, I set up my H100i Plat with the settings that i have always used, but every time i turn my system on in the morning or whenever for the first time i open ICUE i have the notification to run the wizard for the Hydro X Custom Cooling.


And i am not even using any custom cooling, just the H100i AIO

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