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H150i PRO XT Pump loud on quiet mode

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So my last aio (h100i rgb pro) pump died and as it was discontinued Corsair has sent me a h150i after rma. Installed with no issues, but the pump is considerably louder then the h100i ever was.


I did have some weird whirring/gurling noises like an old hard drive, so I ran the pump on extreme the last 2 days and tiled the case a little. The water gurgling noise reduced but it still does sound like an old hard drive and the pump is still loud on quiet mode compared to the h100i. I have my pc on my desk about 80cm away and I can hear the pump whirr very clearly at idle, whereas my h100i was always whisper quiet when it worked.


The pump is not the highest part of the system, I have the rad mounted to the front of the case with the tubes at the top. This pump is so much louder I'd honestly rather go back to the h100i.


I've read the rpm for the new aios are much higher and so louder, can anyone with this cooler advise if mine is faulty or is this aio just much louder then the previous models?

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If you kept your old H100i Pro on the quiet pump profile (1100 rpm) all the time, this is going to be a tough go. The Pro series is the only Corsair AIO that has ever offered a pump speed that low and that does come with a temperature penalty for the low flow rate. The XT/Platinum series pump is likely to seem louder, both because of higher speed and a higher frequency operational sound.


However, the HDD click description is concerning. Pumps should not grind or click. Bubbles tend to be more like static pops and should decrease. If you set the pump speed to extreme and the clicks go into overdrive, something is wrong and contact Corsair Support.

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