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v4.12.214 now my second CPU fan doesn't work

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So started my PC today and got popup saying there is an update for iCue software out. Everything was working fine before I installed the update. Both fans on my H100i Pro RGB were working before I installed the update.


Now only fan 1 is working and fan 2 is not spinning and registering 0 RPM. I've tried a firmware flash already of the H100i Pro no change. I tried a hard reboot, soft reboot. Draining PSU power and forcing a power cycle of the mobo and PSU. No change.


I'll have a look online if I can't find an older version of iCue to install again in mean time until Corsair patches this bug out but this needs fixed urgently or Corsair needs .214 rolled back urgently as it seems to be a very buggy release.



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Two independent fan channels on that controller. Swap the two fans 1 <-> 2 and see what happens.


If the old #1 (now on 2) also shows 0 rpm, there may be a problem with the controller or a kink in the splitter wire for #2.


If original fan #2 goes to 1 and now #1 reads 0 rpm, then we know it's the fan.


The fan can be replaced. Contact Corsair Support. You can stick any PWM fan on there in the meantime.


If it is something with the controller or splitter wire, obviously those two can be replaced but probably as a whole unit swap. Another solution is to take any PWM splitter and pair both fans off Channel 1. You don't need independent fan control for the two radiator fans.

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