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I just realized that the white LL fans are better than the black LL fans? Here’s the specs comparing them… they’re the same price but the white one is better? Please make the black LL fans stats and performance equal to the white versions, please.


Black LL Fans:

• Price: $129.99 USD (3pk) or $39.99 USD (Single)

• CFM: 43.25 CFM

• Static Pressure: 1.61mm-H2O

• RPM: 600-1500 RPM


White LL Fans:

• Price: $129.99 USD (3pk) or $39.99 USD (Single)

• CFM: 63 CFM

• Static Pressure: 3.0mm-H2O

• RPM: 2200 RPM

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You're ignoring the last specification -- RPM. The values are taken at maximum speed. You don't get the increased values unless you are willing to run them at 2200 rpm. If you run the white fans at 1500 rpm, they will match the output of the black fan. If you need your case fans to be at 2000+ rpm all the time, then RGB is probably not a concern anyway.


Incidentally, the black LL and QL fans typically exceed their listed 1500 rpm and run in the 1700-1750 range cutting the margin further.

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