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4000X RGB case fan lighting does not work

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A Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB Tempered Glass PC case was purchased a few days ago.


I completely remodeled things from the old to the new house and then worked for 2 days as it should.


Last night I see 2 of the 4 fans not lit, but I have no idea why.


I did everything as shown in the factory corsair video.




I bought the 4th fan plus, for the back of the engine case because there are 3 front ones, but the 4th is also a Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB PRO. The 4th also gets power and control but is not lit.


The controller receives USB2 control and SATA power


Even though I changed the connectors in the controller, nothing happened or only 1 fan was lit .... There is a tiny button on the controller that does nothing, neither long nor short. What can the button be used for?


I also set the fan types in the Icue software, but nothing happened


Thank you






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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Levimaster,


Your issues stems from the difference in the fans - I know the fans has very similar names, but unfortunately the fourth fan you have purchased are not compatible with the three that are already in the case (The fans in the case are the SP Elite (with 8 LED's), and the one you purchased is a SP PRO (with 4 LED's))


Do the front 3 fans work again if you disconnect the rear PRO fan?


I would suggest you try and reach out to our support team to see if you can get the fan replaced: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us

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Thanks for the reply.


I already reported the problem via email and received this response:


Hi Levente,


This issue is often caused by a faulty LED in the fan. This can cause other LEDs to further down the chain to behave abnormally or fail to light up.


Please try connecting a single fan to slot 1 on the LED hub, and testing it individually on a static white color in iCUE. This will show you if any individual LED has failed. If this doesn't cause any unusual behavior, you can leave the tested fan in slot 1 and use the next port along to test the next one.


Repeat this process with the remaining fans, while ensuring that you fill up the slots in order (starting from 1) as they are wired in series. Skipping ports will result in abnormal LED behavior.


Please let me know if you find a faulty fan. If none of the fans are faulty, we can move on to testing your LED controller (s).

------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- -


I did the test and the Corsair iCUE SP120

RGB PRO 120 mm RGB LED Fan works. The front and top fans are not. I've tried to connect the fan in many ways, but the first one described earlier doesn't work.

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