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Commander Pro Fans Flickering in and out of ICUE

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I just recently installed ICUE 4 and have been trying to get everything set up, but am having issues with it picking up the fans on my commander pro. I have attached some screenshots (1-4 in chronological order as I couldn't upload a video), but what is happening is that the fans will show up for 1/2 a second, read a completely wrong rpm (11k+ rpm) then disappear from ICue again.




The fans are running at a constant speed and I am able to control lighting ( ram, gpu & mobo through ICUE, but argb headers have to be done through armoury crate for some reason). I would like to reduce the fan speed as they are pretty loud, but running at a constant sounding rpm. I am unsure of what as I am unable to control them through ICUE and they are only connected through the commander pro.


Thank you!





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There can be more multiple reasons for fan flickering, but disappearing and impossible speeds/voltages are usually an indicator you have another program interfering with Device to CUE communication. The most common offenders are HWINFO and AIDA. Close the other program down and then restart the Corsair.Service (or restart the PC). HWiNFO can be run at the same time by unchecking the Asetek/Corsair support in the Settings -> Safety tab. AIDA is more difficult and I don’t recommend using both at the same time.
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