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iCUE 4 timers and macrom stop settings.


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I've asked this before but got no answer.


Is there any way to set a timer in iCUE 4 or has that function been removed?


Is there any way to set a stop setting for a macro or has that function also been removed? There's a start setting but no stop.


I was able to do both of the above with iCUE 3.


I really have to echo the comments made in other threads in this forum about the reduced functionality of iCUE 4 over iCUE 3. Why were these changes made?


Perhaps a future version could also include some much needed mouseover tooltips for UI elements. It would go some of the way towards fixing the unintuitive UI.

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I'm pretty choked about this as well, half of my power profiles won't do what I need them to.


The least they could do is allow all of the different action types to have a "Second Assigment" under the "Advanced" tabs, just like the "Macro" actions do.

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stop setting for a macro

I think you can still stop a macro with profile switching. For example, switch from Profile 1 to Profile 2. I would often just swap between my Windows and Gaming profile, which seemed to stop a running macro.

I just bought and returned my Strafe keyboard. I need timers for buffing game characters at intervals. We also lost OSD On-Screen Display. Went and bought a Razer keyboard, hopefully it will last longer than their Razer's junk mice. Multi-threaded macros for Corsair would be a huge plus.

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