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What gear do I need for this to work?


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Ok guys I am doing a new custom loop and I wanna make sure I have everything before I start because I gotta order online and I dont wanna have my rig down for more than a day or two. I am trying to use 7 LL 120mm fans, the XD3 Pump/res, XC7 block and a total of 8 Corsair RGB strips. I have a commander pro and a node core. Am I missing anything to get this RGB running correctly?
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I think that should do it, with one issue to resolve.


Commander Pro - 7 PWM fans (with one PWM splitter)

RGB Ch 1 - LL x 7 with RGB splitter (see below).

RGB Channel 2 - XD3 -> XC7 daisy chain


Lighting Node Pro

Ch1 - 4 strips

Ch 2 - 4 strips

Or any 6+2, 5+3 combination on the two channels.



The oddity is the 7th fan. It would be a shame to waste an entire extra channel on 1 fan with the limit at 6 per channel. It would require another controller as well. There are 3rd parties that offer RGB splitters, like this one. It will make the two paired fans act like duplicates. This may or may not fit your design scheme and it kind of depends on where the 7th is located. For static color patterns, it makes do difference at all. However, for all those fund dynamic patterns on the LL/QL, it will be shown simultaneously on the two paired fans.


It might be possible to add the 7th fan to the end of a RGB strip series on the Lighting Node Pro. It would again require a special adapter, it would act like a 16 LED strips (or rather 2x10) and not a LL fan, but that might be preferable to duplicated fan. The other interesting possibility would be if you could connect it to the XD3->XC7 Hydro X chain. It would need to be a "GPU" which is perfect since it also has 16 LEDs like the LL. That might make some visual sense for a rear fan to be matched up with the center of the case. Again, you would need a special adapter to connect it to the daisy chain meant for something else.

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