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Colours won't save/show up after restart

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Hello. I'm new to the forums, and attacking people with questions right away.

Sorry if I don't understand things right away, I'm just too stoopid for computers sometimes, they never do what I want :o: Hopefully someone can help a girl out, I just have no idea what I'm doing sometimes.


I bought a new keyboard, yaay! Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, absolutely spiffy!! I absolutely love this, the keys are so nice for gaming :loveeyes:

Downloaded iCue, took me some time to get things right but I have the colours that I want now.


But when I restart my comp I just have to select those colours again, it doesn't want to save the way I want it. It staves on Static colour that I select, the purple and everything, but the other buttons that I gave a different colour won't show up.

I have to select the keyboard, then select Hardware Lighting in the left menu and then it shows up and all is well.


I tried to check some video's on how to use the right settings and I see people having different menu's. When I google things and end up on this forum I see in screenshots of people that they also have different menu's.

I tried installing a previous version but I can't seem to get rid of the older iCue version for some reason.

Saved colours in library, saved the profile and everything.


I just don't get it. I feel a bit lost.


Added a screenshot.


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It looks like you are saving in the Hardware Lighting tab. This is the lighting behavior when CUE is not running, like at boot, BIOS, and shutdown sequences. These effects are saved to the hardware directly and thus there is a limit to what can be run in that environment. For the K95P it is 5 user lighting effects OR 1 preset. For KBs only, you must then go to the devices tab at the bottom and then "save to device" from one of the save slots. This is how it is loaded to the KB. Most internal devices save automatically.


If you go to the next line up you see "Lighting Effects". These are the light patterns and settings in effect when CUE is running. In software mode you have a lot more choices and a higher level of complexity is available. You will see a definite switch from hardware to software mode a few seconds after Windows loads to the desktop.

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You know what? There was a white screen in that lighting effects section with a message, and I had to click that away in order to make it work. I was playing around in it and it worked. Just restarted my comp and the colours stay the way I want it. Thanks.


Still doesn't explain though why other people have a different UI in this program though. Is it because people have more devices installed?


I'm assuming my razer deathadder isn't working icue? Since it isn't corsair.

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You are using CUE 4. It was released about two months ago. Most internet shots you see will probably be from CUE 3 that was in place for the three years before that. Most elements are the same, but there were some definite changes to lighting creation UI tabs.


CUE will not control other brand peripherals.

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