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H100i RGB Platinum Pump Not Working

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Hi I’m having a problem with my H100i RGB Platinum AIO cooler. I bought it mid May 2021 and it was running fine in my PC. I recently replaced my PSU(RMA) cause it had some issues. Got a new one and booted the system up. On first bootup the cooler ran fine. 40C temps just like it was before. I shut down and rebooted the system and then the cooler pump wasn't working anymore(I did uninstall the iCuE software before I shutdown). Right now the AIO pump has RED light on and the pump isn’t running. Within 2-3 minutes of the PC being on, the CPU reaches temperatures of 80-90°C. Also the two fans plugged into the provided PWM splitter run at full speed. I tried resetting BIOS and re-installing the cooler twice. No changes.


I did reinstall iCuE and it isn't detecting the cooler.

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Since the fans still run and pump is red, this is not a power problem. However, the “no device detected” status along with the clear low/zero flow state almost always indicates a fatal error. It’s probably pump circuitry but there is no user solution for this. Contact Corsair Support for replacement options.


Obviously you are in an unusable state at the moment. If you cannot stay that way for long, you may want look at a cheap, temporary cooling solution or pick another AIO you want to go into immediate service. Any replacement from Corsair will be brand new and sealed. It could repurposed for another build or person.

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