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Updated to 4.12.214 now I have issues with Memory RGB

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Updated Yesterday to 4.12.214 and now my Dominator Platinum RGB has a red triangle (No information which is useless). ...LEDs are not responding to changes. I forced an update (to same version) on the memory which did fix it temporarily but it has now reverted!


Any fix? Are there things not checked in QA?

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In CUE 4, most of these RAM red triangle issues are momentary and can be immediately remedied by quitting the CUE app from the tray and restarting. I had one this morning as well, but they are few and far between. CUE 3 often required a full system restart to address this.


If this issues becomes regular or will not go away, turn on the debug logging in CUE settings and then contact Corsair Support. Hopefully there will be something in the logs to identify the root cause.

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hi everyone, i have the same problem. Specifically, as soon as the pc is turned on, everything works correctly, occasionally the "stack" effect of my dominators freezes and if I open icue, in the ram tab, a red triangle appears and the rams are not recognized. If I close icue and reopen it, they will work correctly again. If anyone solves the problem let me know! Thanks, Mattia
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