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Something wrong with my SP RGB Pro or Elite Series fan

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I got my pc a few months ago and now one of the fans on my Corsair 220T case makes a lot of noise when turning it on and visibly spins slower than the rest. It slows down gradually until it stops completely and instantly starts to speed up. After a while, it matches the rest of the fans and stops making the noise. The slower it spins - the louder the noise. It sounds like if something soft was stuck and the fins were hitting it. I think it might be the motor skipping but I'm not sure, so I'm looking for help here. Is it something that I could fix myself? Maybe it'll go away? Any help appreciated, thanks!


I have some recordings of it doing that so maybe I could upload them if it helps

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Temporarily switch the fan power connector to another MB header. Presumably, it will do the same thing there. If it stops and the other fan now misbehaves, there is a problem with the header.


The 220T comes with SP-Pro, which are 3 pin DC fans. If the MB header was stuck on PWM, they would run at max. In DC mode, it should operate in the normal 7-12v range. It is possible the Asus software is trying to undercut the voltage too much. Some DC fans often can run at 5v, even if they have higher start up requirements. The controller will apply a higher level and then try and lower it as far as it can. Make sure the BIOS or AI Suite controls are not trying to run the misbehaving SP-Pro at a very low speed. Minimum possible speed is likely between 700-800 rpm.

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