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AX1200i seems working but no self testing...

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Hi, My AX1200i is about 9 years old. I just rebuild a new Intel system with the same case and PSU. When I turn the power button of the PSU on, both

my motherboard and GPU lights come on. I even updated bios with Asus's flashback method. But the self-test button doesn't seem to do anything except clicks twice. When I turn the system on; the Mobo, GPU, and all the fans on the board and on the CPU cooler seem to be working fine. The PSU fan doesn't seem to start but it is pretty cool at that moment. I haven't run the system exceeding more than half a minute. Yet the seld-test button remains dysfunctional. No green light or Fan activity... What should I do?

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Yes, I am going to do that. But I am having a GPU problem with my new built at the moment. The Mobo gives me the GPU error and then with maybe next maybe two reboots later it passes. But a few hours ago I got the consecutive freezes and followed by a blue screen. And now beeps and GPU not detected light comes in. Everything in my case is new, except the case and PSU!!!


I am suspecting maybe one of some of the sockets may not be producing the correct voltage. Specifically, the socket that hooked up to the GPU card.


I am although, not clear about which sockets are suitable with GPU cards and which sockets are suitable with CPU...




I think maybe I can try a differnt socket and see if the problem continues...

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