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AX1200i - Protection triggered after a cold start?

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OK, I am running an OC'ed 5800X, 3090 and a 3080 off my good old AX1200i. When I put load on both GPUs I'm at about 750W Power in on average. I've been having some instabilities, especially after a cold start but I thought this was because of my overclock. However, what happened today: Turned computer on (PC was off during the night), Windows loaded, I then started NiceHash (eth miner) PC shutdown almost immediately, PSU had a solid red light on (never happened before) which means OCP/OV protection had triggered. This is very strange! I have the PSU set to Multirail OCP with all rails set to 40A and the most loaded one doesn't see more than 20A max load.


What could be the reason that the AX1200i may fail to handle high load immediately after a cold start (afterwards it's stable)...?

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Thanks, just happened again in single rail mode, so that's not it. There's something very fishy going on. I'm now 99% sure it has to do after Windows' fast start-up, which I have now disabled (basically my GPU's are less unstable after resume from hybrid sleep).


Is there anyway to get some logging information on what caused the PSU to trigger OC/OV protection from iCUE?

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