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While the app is active, my GPU power dips.

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When i have the iCue app controlling my RGB light scene it causes stutters and dips in my GPU. I really notice when i have an animated menu for a game (Rocket League) and i start to move my cursor around i will have significant drops in FPS and GPU power. I thought at first that my power supply wasnt big enough bc when i had a monitoring app up the voltage would go from 1.05v to .6v whenever i moved my cursor. i just installed my new power supply loaded up Rocket League (thats the easiest test) and boom still does it. When ever i quit the iCue app the problem goes away. Would like to know if anyone else has encountered this issue or if i am just a unique case.
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Hi iiM ZerO,


Are you using the "Video" ambient lighting setting in iCUE when this issue occurs, out of curiosity?


If not, you definitely need to open a ticket with support here, as they will need to take a look at your software environment.


You can create a new ticket using the Support Ticket System link at the top of this page.

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okay, i also tried uninstalling then reinstalling, set up profiles with zero lights and the problem still persists. i will have to set up a ticket in hopes that the issues can be resolved bc i would love to keep my lights! lol
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