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installed icue, it turned off lights and won't register one fan

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i just completed my first build and got everything functioning. i just want to install the lighting drivers for my fans and such so i can mess around with the lighting. before installing anything, everything lit up just fine.


started with my fans (LL120 rgb) and immediately after installing and opening iCUE, all lights turned off. tried the lighting set up, but can't get the third and final fan to register. out of the two lighting channels in the software, i selected 'LL RGB series fans' for both. channel 1 i selected has 2 fans connected, both light up just fine. selected 1 fan for the second channel but it won't turn on. no matter how many fans i say are connected, it doesn't register. switching it around doesn't fix it either. all 3 fans run, but i'm just missing the one light. i did use a fan splitter for the 2 fans that are currently lighting up, that's the only different between the connections of the three fans. how do i fix this?

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Hi Marsajin,


The best thing to do here would be to open a ticket with Support using the Support Ticket System link at the top of this page. Please include some photos of your fan wiring for the support team to review with your ticket.


Thank you.

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I have the exact same problem the OP. Everything was lit up in my icue 4000x rgb case until I installed the icue software. Then it went dark. I've tried restoring defaults but there's no full option available. I've uninstalled icue and restarted windows, no change.
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