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Corsair Virtuoso Dongle Firmware Unable to Update

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My Virtuoso Dongle stopped working today and I am trying all the troubleshooting for it. I cannot update the firmware for it via iCUE. Everytime I do it just sits at 0% as per my picture. It was working yesterday, but today it won't connect with my headset. The headset still works when wired. Is it possible I could be sent the manual firmware so I can attempt to update it?


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Hi Jocar97,


We're sorry for your experience with our product, first off.


Try soft resetting the headset by holding down the mute button for ~15 seconds while the headset is still on. It should shut off on it's own when done correctly.


This could be related to a conflict with another device or program using your USB Controller. If you're still having issues updating the firmware, please unplug all USB devices other than Mouse, Keyboard, headset and close all background tasks before starting any firmware updates. This includes any RGB Lighting, Hardware Monitoring, and Overclocking programs. A few examples are RGB Fusion, Aura Sync, Dragon Center, HWinfo64, Aida64, Ryzen Master.


If none of this seems to helps, please open a ticket with support using the Support Ticket System link at the top of this page.

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